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Rent an e-bike with the Whizz subscription service for just $179*/mo.
*Plus tax
Why rent from Whizz?
Subscribe, enjoy your ride, and we’ll handle the rest!
Maintenance & repair included
E-bikes tailored for delivery
No security deposits
No distance limits
Our e-bikes are designed to make delivery easy
Reasonable weight that makes the e-bike easy to move and store
Comfortable saddle position for extra comfort while riding
High-speed transportation at 20mph, helping to cut your commuting time
Electric Bike KBO Breeze
A powerful battery that lasts
50+ miles
Display: LCD backlight display
Weight: 62lbs
Charger: 3.0 Amp smart and quick charger
Total Payload Capacity: 300 lbs
Controller: 48V / 18A
Range: 30-50 Miles
Battery: 48V 16Ah Lithium-ion battery with Samsung/LG cells
Hub Motor: Sustained 500W brushless gear motor
Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
How it works
Worry free maintenance
In case of accidental damage, we provide services to repair your e-bike.
Renew or return
That’s up to you! Just make sure to notify us in time.
Get your e-bike
Pay in the office and be on your way.
Our support team will contact you with all the details.
Register on the website
Business Owner
Boost your delivery service with our e-bikes.
Advantages of using the Whizz subscription
Flexible terms
You can return the e-bike when it is no longer needed
Flexible rental periods
No worries
You can rent an e-bike for as long as you need. With a minimum rental period of one month.
Weekly maintenance and/or a new e-bike swap
No need to purchase
Deliver more
No large up-front payments. Pay monthly as you go.
Speed up delivery
Boost the number of orders delivered using our e-bikes.
Reduce delivery times by 40% compared to on-foot deliveries.
Feedback from our clients
Frequently Asked Questions
How Whizz subscription works?
You subscribe on the website by following our instructions. After that, our manager contacts you to coordinate the details of the transfer of a bicycle. The subscription begins to take effect from the moment you receive your bicycle. You use it until you get tired of it. If you no longer need a bike, you can cancel your subscription, and drop off your bicycle at our location.
Who can rent?
An e-bike rental subscription can be issued to a person with a government issued ID which is valid for the next three month and the person is 18 years old and over.
What is included in the subscription?
The subscription includes an e-bike, a charger and a safety lock.
Am I getting a new e-bike?
By subscribing, you will receive a new e-bike or which is in like new condition.
How to use an e-bike?
The terms of use can be found by following the link. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with NYC bicycle rules by following the link -
Should I leave my e-bike at specially designated stations?
No, there's no need for that. This is your e-bike, and you can leave it anywhere, taking care of the necessary safety measures and making sure that it does not interfere with the movement of pedestrians and motorists. Meanwhile, we recommend parking the ebike on bike stands and be sure to use the lock, which is included in the subscription price. For safety reasons, do not leave the e-bike unattended for a long time, especially at night.
What should I do if an e-bike is stolen?
We strongly ask you to treat the e-bike as your own and take all necessary safety measures. In case of theft, we charge you the cost indicated in the transfer certificate and recommend that you contact the police.
I have run out of subscription, how fast should I return the e-bike?
After the subscription expires, you must return the e-bike within 48 hours. To do this, we will contact you to agree on the date and time of the return. After 48 hours, if you do not return the e-bike, penalties in the amount of $10 USD will begin to accrue per day.
Can I return the e-bike earlier, before the subscription ends?
You can return the e-bike any day before the end of the subscription. However, the amount for unused days of the paid subscription is not refunded.
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription yourself in your account. You can cancel your subscription any day before it ends. At the same time, the e-bike can be used until the end of the paid period, regardless of the date of cancellation of the subscription.
How is the procedure for returning an e-bike?
Upon termination of the subscription period, our customer service will contact you to agree on the date and time of the return of the ebike. An employee of our service team will assess the condition of the bicycle, will take photos or videos and enter the necessary information on the return certificate.
My e-bike broke down, what should I do?
In case of mechanical issues with the e-bike, immediately stop using it and contact us to agree on the date and time of its replacement with a new one.
Am I charged fines in case of e-bike breakdown?
We take full care of the maintenance and all mechanical related issues with the e-bike, when used properly and when no negligent use was noticed. Mechanical issues in the result of improper and careless use of the bicycle should be paid in proportion to the damage caused at the user's expense. Normal wear and tear is included in covered maintenance. You can find out more about the amount of fines in the service agreement.
If the e-bike is damaged/broken, how do you determine if it is it the user's fault?
A mechanical examination is done by our bicycle mechanical team to determine the condition of the bicycle. More details on this issue can be found in the service agreement.
Where do you provide service?
We provide services in New York City.
How can I pay?
You can pay for a subscription using a credit or debit card and adding it to your account. The link to the payment will be available after registration on the website.
Can I use your subscription for business purposes?
We have a special program for business use. You can find all terms and conditions here.
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